Sunday, August 2, 2009

Reposting: So you don't wade through all of those posts on Reader

Dear all three, give or take, of my regular readers:

In case you access all of the wonderful nuggets of truth and wisdom I offer on Treasured Chapters via Google Reader, you may have been surprised to see like a thousand new posts from me in one day.

Wow, she's some writer, you might think, composing so much wonderfully witty and insightful material in one day.

What I'm really attempting to do is finish my move from Homeschool Blogger to Blogger. Yeah, I know that move happened some time ago. This sorta reminds me of the fact that we still have boxes that were never unpacked from our last house move. And now we want to move again.


Just wanted to keep you informed so you would neither waste time reading posts you may or may not have already read, nor wonder why I'm writing about Halloween in July.


CrossView said...

ROFL! I have yet to finsih moving all mine.

However, I HAVE unpacked all my boxes from our move. Ok, so just the ones in the house. We won't mention storage, mmmkay?

Arby said...

I don't use Google Reader. Does it update more consistently than my side bar? Sometimes I miss new posts for days because it does not update. I'll go look for "Crazies." I enjoy other people's pain. It makes mine seem so...normal.

Life with Kaishon said...

: ) I can't click away from your page today. I just love the song so much.