Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What's That Smell?

I have fond childhood memories of decorating Easter eggs...of watching the stark white orbs transform into sparkling swirls of color. And we've had our share of Easter egg decorating sessions since the kids were born. What I don't remember is the stench that can fill a room when a dozen and a half hard-boiled eggs are laid out to dry so they can receive their color treatment. Even the children wrinkled their noses when they came in the kitchen. And during the egg decorating, occasionally one would lift an egg to his or her nose and comment, "This really smells funny." You know what, kids? Truth be told, eggs really don't smell that good. But they sure do look cute all decked out in bright colors and funny faces.

Honestly, they really did have more fun than it looks like they're having in these pictures. Must have been the smell...

Note to self: Don't let these funny little guys hang out too long at home; if we show the house, we need to allow ample time to air the place out.

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CrossView said...

Prospective Buyers- Wife to Husband- "Oh no! We can't but THAT house. It smells funny." ROFL!

Your pcitures are awesome! Looks like a fun time. We're still going to do that this weekend. I don't care how OLD my babies are! =P