Tuesday, April 28, 2009

P6 Hits the Trail

Clue: Search fruitlessly through each of the Nature Bags for the missing "6". Should the "6" finally be supposed to have been left along the last trail taken, make a stop at Hobby Lobby for a new "6" because, "P6" without the "6" is just...well, P.

Turn right and into the parking lot. Quietly utter half-curse words under your breath upon the sight of 3 big school buses parked by the curb.

Stand at a crossroads while trying to get your bearings. Look right and then left and then stare at the sky because that just might help in some way. Understand what it might be like to be a mama snake trying to herd her baby snakes when none of them will listen because they each think they know where to go. Allow your oldest daughter to overhear you share this feeling with your better half on the phone, whereupon she states, "But snakes are reptiles, and reptiles don't care for their offspring." Vow not to teach her anything else.

Finally find the first trail and skip happily along, down a hill, across a bridge. (Note: This trail would be easy to find for a lone adventurer, one without little people who have opinions. Strong opinions.) Find Peter Parker behind a tree. Smile in delight when the oldest daughter says, "It sure feels satisfying when you find one of these."

Now walk across to the other side of the park to find a second trail. Run smack dab into the huge group of children who came on the 3 big school buses parked by the curb which caused you to half-curse under your breath when you entered the parking lot. Choose the trail which weaves away from all of the children because a nature walk is more fun when bird calls are not mingled with the screams of children.

Take a few steps and have your littlest companion whine, "I'm tired", and another, bigger companion whine, "I'm starving." Tell them to suck it up and start walking. After another whines, "I'm hungry", find a bench, share a bag of Cheez-Its, pass around a bottle of water, and pray that no one needs to pee. Keep walking. Delight in two boys who name the steep path a "rollercoaster".

Bravely and solely take on the The Happy Stamper while the little people watch from the trail. Allow them to look on in awe as you wade through poison ivy and scale a large, rotting, prostrate tree trunk. Don't give in to the little peoples' requests to bring The Happy Stamper back to the trail because that would mean wading through poison ivy and scaling a large, rotting, prostrate tree trunk 4 times.

Keep walking and walking and walking.

Hear more from the Princess about being tired. Tell her to stop the whining and then give her a lecture about what good exercise this is for everyone. Have the oldest inform you that swimming really is much better exercise because a swimmer must use his or her strength to go against the force of the water.

After thinking that there are way too many pairs of trees which stand across the trail from each other, finally spot the two that make you go, "Duh! How did I miss that?", knowing that your 4 little companions probably had something to do with your poor observation skills. After discovering the pair of gigantic trees, once again brave the poison ivy to hike out to the noted tree. Once there, look into the hole at the base of the tree. Poke the cannister. Look back at the expectant faces of the 4 little ones. Would it be terrible to tell the 4 adventurers it's not there just because you're not quite as much of a nature freak as you feign to be and you're afraid to stick your hand into the hole?

Take a deep breath, overcome your fear of spiders and snakes and yank The Growl out of its hiding place. Enjoy leaving your mark.

Continue on the trail, hoping the end is near because the fatigue of the littlest one is growing. And after 4 hours of volleyball almost killed you Sunday night, you're afraid that, should you be forced to carry that littlest one, you might discover you are actually physically unable to.

Wish you could find The Ultrasound, but it appears to be one better left for winter when there is not so much poison ivy through which to wade.

Regrettably leave Peter's Nemesis and X-Men, it's X-Men for another time when tiny feet aren't so tired and rumbly bellies aren't rumbling so loudly.

End: One fun day of Letterboxing.


Arby said...

I not only have been on the excursion you described, but I will be on it again in the near future. The BEST letterboxing is the letterboxing that the Boss and I do together, sans children. It’s funner.

sharon said...

Did you tell them to NEVER yell "I FOUND IT" # 1 rule of Letterboxing!

Nope - You can't wait till winter to find the Ultrasound - it's the best one in the park & my personal fav! Take the right path & you won't itch the next day.

Don't forget to do a TICK CHECK!!!

Tisha S said...

We have been there, some of those are tough. I have to admit that I am about to hang up our letterboxing stamps until next fall - unless there are some not in the woods. :-)

CrossView said...

I'm so lost. I've heard the term "letterboxing" but I have no idea what it is. Sounds like a scavenger hunt. And it sounds like I'm missing out on something really cool. Ah well, the story of my life.... ;o)

But the shots are gorgeous and it sounds like a productive day!

Annie H. said...

We are letterboxing lovers ourselves. We search for them in OK and even have planted 2 in Missouri. We will be checking on them in a few weeks. Just wish we could try the ones in your neck of the woods. Love the pics!

book worm said...

We have been to that same place letterboxing...Xmen was an easy find. We only looked for one more (don't remember which one), but it alluded us. Kind of frustrating!

Mitzi said...

That bookworm comment was actually me. That is my son's blog. Didn't see he was signed in!

mareseatoats said...

Been there, bought that t-shirt! Why is it that something so frustrating can be so much fun??? I guess it is the thrill of "the chase". :-)

Khakismum said...

We love letterboxing!! Wow, small world, The Growl is placed by our Cub Scout pack. ;-) Try some on the Laurel Ridge Trail near Buford Dam and the TON of them on Suwanee Park Greenway. :-)

Nice to 'meet' you BTW. I'm Khakismum and we live in Suwanee. Visit me at:

Too bad mine is nearly 16 we could do a park day...but if you need a babysitter..... ;-D