Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Not-So-Busy Very Busy Week

The best-laid plans...well, you know what happens to those. This is what I had planned for this week to look like:

school, dentist appointment for all 4 kids at the same time, soccer practice, soccer game, school, Field Day, school, show the house, AWANA, Book Club, school, visiting new Baby Caroline, museum, school

This is what our week has looked like:

school, dentist appointment for 3 of the 4 kids, school

Seems this bug wants to hold on to Audrey for all it's worth. I thought she was in the clear, but as we were getting ready to head to AWANA tonight, she reached for her bucket. So Book Club is out tomorrow. And, while I spent a good part of the day making some goodies to take to our friends who just welcomed a new baby girl, well, I guess now we'll be enjoying some baked goods for the next few days. Additionally, the people who were going to see the house this week decided not to even look. Those baked goodies would have come in handy for them as well!

The funny thing is, I was dreading this week. There was just too much crammed into one week. So I suppose this is God's way of telling me to slow down. All of those appointments on the calendar really don't matter so much as caring for my babies. Of course, I know of 3 "big" babies who are itching to get on with life, so let's just hope the bug looses its slimy, icky talons and lets my baby girl go so we can make it to the science museum Friday.

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CrossView said...

I'm so sorry your little one still isn't feeling well. =(

But I'm glad you get that down time with no guilt! "He MAKETH me lie down...." ;o)