Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Not-So-End-of-the-School-Year Celebration

Last night was the End-of-the-Year Celebration at co-op, and, although it was lovely to celebrate the end of co-op, it is certainly not anywhere near the end of the school year for us. We have taken quite a few unplanned days off this year, so I intend to put the year-round in year-round schooling this year; we'll probably be well into June before we get our 180 days. But that's OK. Good in fact. I think there are huge benefits to year-round schooling--more retention and thus less review when we start back.

So even though the party did not signify the end for us, we had a lovely evening. Each of the kids got a certificate, and even little Audrey walked up on stage to receive hers. Refreshments followed the awards, and if I had to venture a guess, the plates full of cookies and cake were probably the highlight of the evening for the kids. The highlight for us grown-ups was seeing what the children had been working on all semester; each class had a table set up to display the kids' artwork, projects, and reports.

Nothing a little glue can't fix!

Our Not-So-End-of-the-Year Celebration turned out so nicely, we may have to plan a real end-of-the-year celebration.


dclouser said...

These pix of the girls are just too darling for words! Du courage with the chores and end-of-year activities.

CrossView said...

Love the giraffe! And tell me that your girls are always that sweet to each other! Wait! Don't tell me that!

We;ve never been able to join a co-op. I'm just not willing to drive an hour or two. =(

Looks like a fun celebration!