Saturday, April 11, 2009

Another Milestone

There is the first smile, the first steps, the first words. All important milestones. But I'm not sure if any milestone is quite as important as the one Michael passed today. We were enjoying fajitas at On the Border after the Easter egg hunt when Michael suddenly bolted from his seat and ran to the bathroom. Mark followed him in and found him tossing his cookies (and probably some Easter candy) into the toilet.

Do you understand what the milestone is?

No longer will Michael just randomly puke wherever he happens to be when it hits him. He can now remove himself from the presence of others and get to a toilet in time!

When Michael returned to the table feeling much better, there was much fanfare. This was a big milestone for which, especially given the public, restaurant setting, Michael was profusely praised.

Unfortunately, the Princess has not yet passed this milestone. Hours after our Michael Milestone Celebration, her Majesty threw up on my shoes. And her royal self. And all over the floor. Right after I had given her a bath. I have since given her a bucket, and she successfully placed her dinner in it. She is also excited to take the bucket to bed with her.

Here's hoping our two cookie tossers rest easy all night. So their parents may also rest easy. And my sincerest apologies to anyone who came in contact with either of them at the Easter eggstravaganza, especially their best buddies who just welcomed a new baby sister into the house. May our prayers protect that family from our bug.

And to hopefully further stop the spread of the bug, we have made the decision to hold our own special Easter service here at home tomorrow morning. It won't be the same as celebrating the Resurrection with our church family, but it will be special all the same.

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CrossView said...

I'm so sorry that your two are sick! =(

Though I celebrate with you that Michael can now make it to the special cookie tossing place in time! Hopefully, your Princess won't be far behind??!!

Hope everyone is better soon!