Tuesday, May 13, 2008

To-Do List

It's been a million miles long over the last week. And I'm learning to juggle more tasks than ever. And I'm trying not to drop the ball. Cliches aside, the For Sale sign went up yesterday! Admittedly and thankfully, our to-do list has been whittled away to almost nothing, though there still are a few tasks to complete. We're not expecting the buyers to be lining up outside the door anyway--especially in this market--so I think we'll have time to get to everything!

I can't even begin to imagine how we accumulated so much junk in three short years, nor how we could have let some of these projects slide so long that their enormity grew to unmanageable proportions. But that is the way of the busy life we lead. The house certainly looks mighty pretty now: the delight of living in a clean, repaired house will lessen the disappointment should we be unable to turn it over to someone else.

And so, while the to-do list is all but completed, the juggling doesn't end. Last week presented the kids with sort of a pre-summer vacation. We resumed today and will have to go into June because of our lapse last week. But it will all work out. And my dear husband who took a few days off last week must also get back to work and traveling. So life will resume as normal except that I have the near impossible task of keeping the house clean. The older three have actually done a fabulous job at keeping their rooms clean; it's the little Princess who has turned into quite a tornado, leaving game pieces, Polly Pockets, and Little Pet Shop Pets in her wake. So there is that plus I must resume work on my classes that I'm teaching, and I'm also taking a class to keep up my certification.

Life is never dull or boring. Or relaxing. Maybe in 18 years I'll be able to relax. Of course, then my to-do list will consist of catching up with 18 years x 4 children of scrapbooking!

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