Thursday, November 22, 2007

Top 10...

...things I'm thankful for:

10. A wonderful family I had the privelege of joining 12 1/2 years ago and with whom I was able to spend this Thanksgiving.

9. A lodge in the mountains where we could spend the holiday...and not have to cook or clean up.

8. A warm day before Thanksgiving that provided a great opportunity for the kids to run around and wrestle. The sun was a welcome, cheery sight as well, although a little too bright for Michael who had his eyes dilated before the trip.

7. A fun loft in the hotel room, which, needless to say, was a highlight for the kids. Michael exclaimed, "I love this hotel! I want to come back here the next time we go to a hotel!"

6. A fun gift exchange for all of the grandchildren...and a special thank you from Audrey for her play baking set.

5. A chance for the kids to spend time with their cousins playing games and getting to know each other better.

4. The opportunity for all of the cousins to become better acquainted...and a chance for me to get to know my nieces and nephews better.

3. Time to spend with my sisters-in-law.

2. Another family reunion to remember because Pierce family reunions are never "normal." This reunion's event worth noting: being edged out of the common area by the loud, drunk "Wastin' Away in Margaritaville" serenader.

1. And the #1 reason for being thankful is the wonderful opportunity to take picture after picture with the family. (Of course, opportunity might not be the right word; duty maybe?!) And with this traditional picture-taking session came this series of pictures:

The in-law picture. My brother-in-law's joke went something like this: What's the difference between an outlaw and an in-law? The outlaw, of course, is wanted. Don't be surprised if I become an outlaw after this post; I will surely be on the run when Jennie finds out I've posted these pictures.

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