Friday, November 9, 2007

Flight (Home) School

Nothing could be more enjoyable on a beautiful, sunny, not-too-cold fall day than to hang out in a hangar! We joined our homeschool group today for a field trip to a local airport where we learned how an airplane flies. We learned important airplane terms, and we even got to play on a simulator. We browsed the many planes parked in the lot and discovered just how many different kinds there are. Our hour in the hangar was followed by a leisurely lunch at "The Flying Machine", a restaurant that sits right on the runway. We were all tickled to see a couple and their dog taxi up to the outside patio area of the establishment, come in, get their lunch, and then taxi back out for take-off. Take-out on wings, or take-out on the fly, or perhaps a "fly-thru"?

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