Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Royal Hat

Grandma gave the Princess a new hat and coat. A heavy coat, which she put on and didn't want to take off. Given this is Georgia and the heat was on in the house, we finally convinced her to relinquish the coat. She made it clear that the hat, however, was to stay put. I tried to take it off when I tucked her into bed, but she would hear nothing of it. It did work its way off sometime during the night, becoming lost in her covers so that her awakening caused a minor panic attack: Instead of hearing her normal morning babbling and "Mommy?" through the monitor, I heard "Hat? Hat?" in a voice something close to hysteria.

She's eating breakfast now. Still wearing the hat. I had no idea I only had to put a hat under the tree...and I've already spent all that money on those dumb ol' toys!

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