Saturday, November 3, 2007

Little Fashionista

Saturday mornings are lazy times for Mark and me, and we like nothing more than to sleep in. Of course, with small children, that's usually an unrealized dream. We have in the past, however, left out bowls, boxes of cereal, and a manageable jug of milk for our responsible little mommy to take over in the morning. On such occasions, Alex takes on her task with pride and does a great job. Last night, we forgot to set everything out, so I wasn't surprised early this morning to hear the bedroom door open and little feet pad over to our bed. But instead of requesting breakfast, Jacob only wanted to know if he could get Audrey out of bed. (She is in a big girl bed, but you'd think she's still surrounded by bars because she will not get out by herself.) So Jacob headed up to invite her out of bed. After that, I could hear through the monitor the boys and their little sister playing together very amicably.

When the early-risers finally gave in to their rumbly tumblies and requested breakfast, the mister and missus of the house stumbled out of bed to oblige. And that's when we found our little Princess dressed for success:

Who dressed our little fashionista? Why, her big brothers of course...from a pink hat, which she quickly shed, all the way down to her shoes and socks!

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