Friday, November 2, 2007

Cake Art 101 and Checkmate

I went to co-op yesterday with only 2 kids in tow. Jacob, who is usually my shadow at co-op, stayed home with daddy by his own choice. The Princess, however, was positive that she was missing out on something big and cried for a good part of the time we were gone. I had asked Mark to put this date on his calendar long ago as "Audrey Time" so I would not have her underfoot as I taught all of the girls in our group. The day went well. Here are some highlights:

I joined Alex and her friends in cake decorating. I planned for 15 girls but only had 8, so that was a bit more manageable. I wasn't sure how to handle materials for a group this size and of this age-range, so I had each girl bring in her own cake and decorating equipment. Although it sounded like a great idea at the time (as opposed to my making icing and filling decorator bags for everyone!), I regret asking the kids to bring in those Betty Crocker icing tubes with the plastic tips; they were so difficult to use, it was a bit trying on a child's strength. On the whole, however, I think they had a good time, and their cakes looked great. Hopefully, they learned a little something to take home with them too!

Michael spent co-op time under the instruction of a chess master. The end report wasn't laced with the enthusiasm I expected. Michael's daddy has already taught him how to play chess, so Michael apparently found the first hour extremely boring as it was filled with technical instruction. He had a bit more fun, however, once the boys paired off and began a friendly chess tournament.

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