Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Today was a really good day.

I'm a pretty outgoing person. But I have to admit, I'm a little bit in overload and so anticipating days like today fill me with just a little apprehension. Today's agenda included ice skating with a homeschool group, an activity that, by itself, filled me with trepidation since my feet have not seen the likes of ice skates in over 20 years. Then there was the DMV, which also filled me with dread; my husband usually takes care of ugly, mundane tasks like this. Last there was church. We have found a church to call home, and until tonight, I did not know a soul there. I wasn't even sure I would feel the confidence by the end of the day to do the whole church thing.

We arrived at the ice skating rink quite early so we could take part in the lesson that was offered before the free skate. I was wishing I had special ordered matching sweatshirts that said, "Don't laugh. We're from Georgia", but everyone was super nice and helpful, and besides that, we all did great. The boys caught right on, Alex gave it a try, and Audrey took several laps holding on to the little skate walker thing. I didn't do too poorly myself.

After the skating rink, we headed to the DMV. I groaned when we walked in because of the crowd. In the middle of the day. On a Tuesday. How can this many people have business with the DMV in the middle of a Tuesday? This wasn't my first trip to the DMV. I went with Mark a couple of weeks ago. Waited in line. Waited in the waiting room. Only to find out that I needed my marriage license to prove that the Kathleen M. on my birth certificate is indeed the Kathleen P. on my current Georgia license. So I returned today to wait in the line again. Then to wait in the waiting room. To stand in another line and to wait again. Then another line. And waiting. The picture. More waiting. Strangely, all of those lines and the waiting really didn't take all that much time. You wouldn't know that from the kids, though, who complained it took too long even though they passed their time doing their schoolwork.

The kids were rewarded, though. While we were at the DMV, a new friend I met last week at the pumpkin farm called to see if we wanted to meet at a park. It was a beautiful, unseasonably warm day in Connecticut today, so the park was a perfect way to spend the afternoon. And the kids had a great time with their new friends.

After the park, we headed home to regroup and freshen up before church...which I finally talked myself into. And I decided to go for it all: we went to the meal and to the kids' clubs and Bible studies. This church is so large for its facility that middle and high school groups meet Wednesday night while the young children and adults have their classes on Tuesday nights. It will be a little tricky next year when we have a middle schooler in our midst, but we'll figure that out next year.

The kids all had a good time in their classes, and I had a wonderful time in my study as well. I met quite a few people, joined another homeschool group, and committed to attending a Sunday School class on Sunday morning. It will be easier now on Sunday morning to go to church and see a few familiar faces; Sunday mornings are when I have most felt the homesickness--it's difficult walking the halls of a church without seeing any familiar faces.

Familiarity is good. It's what makes home feel comfortable. Connecticut is beginning to feel more and more like home. Now if only they would build a Chick-fil-A up here!


tsinclair said...

Sounds like a great day. Very brave strapping those thin pieces of metal on your feet. :-)

Really glad you are settling and liking your church - have had lots of people ask about you from your old homeschool group.

Everyone from Georgia says "Hi".

CrossView said...

Wow! I'm so stinkin' proud of you! You aren't just stepping out of your comfort zone, you're flying by leaps and bounds! You go, Mom! Your kids will see that and be fearless!

I'm so glad it's going well! And all that in one day? Sheesh! I'm tired just hinking about it!

Arby said...

You'll get turned into a Connecticut Yankee soon!

Amy @ Cheeky Cocoa Beans said...

Yay! So glad you had such a wonderful day. I'm thrilled you have found a church home and are getting involved. Diving right in and meeting people in Bible classes will make it home that much quicker. :)