Sunday, October 17, 2010


I have become very taken with New England. So a day of exploring was a perfect way to spend a Saturday. Although we had very gusty winds, it was a beautiful day for us to head to the shore.

The drive there was beautiful; honestly, I'm in awe every time we step out the door. My children just roll their eyes and ask, "Are you going to take a picture of every tree in Connecticut?" Someday they'll grow to appreciate the beauty God lays out for them in this world.

I love this area of the world, and I cannot believe I spent 37 years oblivious to it. I know I said this before--OK, several times--but the landscape is amazingly beautiful. And it's not just the autumn colors (which are phenomenal!). There are places like this one 1/4 mile from our house where the view is just breathtaking.

The history of this place has captured me as well. The town where Mark works was established in 1645. I can't believe it - 25 years after the Pilgrims landed! In great excitement, I often reiterate this to the children. Again, one day perhaps they will appreciate things like that. I love the old architecture that is everywhere, the fact that not a single house is like the one next to it.

Numerous hardwood trees form dense forests everywhere, forests that bring Robert Frost's The Road Not Taken to mind. And all of the charming stone walls, of course, make his Mending Wall come alive.

I love it that there are mountains (or probably more appropriately called "hills") everywhere, yet the beach is only 45 minutes away. I love all of the interesting stores and restaurants. There are not as many chain establishments here as in the south, but that really doesn't bother me; it's fun trying all of the new things.

Of course, one chain definitely has a presence here is Dunkin Donuts; there is one on every corner. Literally.

The one thing I don't like here? There are no Starbucks with drive-thrus. I may have to give in and become a Dunkin Donut customer for that fact. But if all I have to do is give up Starbucks, I'm OK with that.

The one thing I know you're thinking, though, is, She hasn't gotten to winter yet. And, you're right--I'm still a little bit terrified about the fact that there is already snow in Canada and Vermont, and we're not that far from either. That means we'll probably start seeing it in a month, but you know what? I know it is going to be beautiful here when it snows. So, I plan to just embrace it, enjoy its beauty, and have fun playing in it with the kids.

Mark said to me last night, "If we hadn't been living here yet but had taken the drive we took today, you would have been saying to me the whole time, 'Let's move here!'". I know he's right.


5thsister said...

I am happy to hear all are adjusting. I would love to travel to New England sometime in the fall. I've never been.

tsinclair said...

I am so happy for you. It sounds wonderful. :-)

CrossView said...

YAY for you! I'm jealous of the beauty that surrounds you...

No doubt the winters will be postcard worthy. I'll envy you the sights but not the temps. =0)

It's too bad that you don't like coffee. DD's is really good! But you could always get a water and a Bostom Creme doughnut instead. *drools*