Monday, April 21, 2008


Alex had her first spelling bee today. She missed the word onomatopoeia neck. But she gave a valiant effort; the nerves just got the best of her. At least the whole thing went quickly; after all, there were but 5 spellers.

I remember my first (and only) spelling bee. There I stood in line at the Sherman Oaks Galleria with a few hundred of my closest spelling friends among whom I knew not a one. I finally made it up front and then proceeded to spell gesticulation with a j. In my defense, I have to say I may have been a little distracted by the rumor that was spreading like wildfire among all the spellers: Someone had spotted Ricky Schroeder in the mall! Although I was mortified to lose on my first word, I was anxious to roam the mall to see if I could catch but a glimpse of my Silver Spoons heartthrob! I didn't, but I had enough Tiger Beat posters of him plastered on my bedroom walls to make up for not seeing him in person.

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