Saturday, December 8, 2007

One Season

Half-naked baby (waiting on the laundry).

Sitting out on the balcony.

Soakin' up the Florida sunshine.

In the middle of December.

It doesn't get much better than this!

Every time I'm in Florida, half of me regrets not moving down here when we had the opportunity. I love it here: the foliage (so much like Africa!), the weather, the way a pop-up thunderstorm comes rushing in and rolls out just as quickly. Of course, sometimes it doesn' during hurricane season. If I remember correctly, it was Hurricane Season '04 coupled with the expensive housing market that kept us from flying south. But still...whenever we're here together our conversation inevitably comes around to the possibility--no matter how faint it might be--of us living here one day.

This evening, we are staying in a lovely, charming town called Weston, and I've already informed the mister that this is where we should live. Of course I know if I delved into the idea a little further it would dawn on me that we were the youngest family in the restaurant tonight. And I'd also accept as truth my husband's comment about there likely being no replacement here for our church. Plus the fact that our friends and family are back "home". But it really is lovely...the trees, the water, the storm this afternoon, the weather. It's perfect!

I hear a lot of people say they would never live in Florida because they would miss the changing seasons. My uptopia has one season: hot! And Florida fits the bill.

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