Thursday, December 6, 2007

McDonald's on Steroids

Although I know there are Chuck E. Cheeses here in Florida, I haven't actually seen them, nor have I sought them out. Why would I need to anyway when there is an unusually gigantic McDonald's 1/2 mile from our hotel? This McDonald's offers a variety of menu items, some even more on the healthier side than their typical greasy fare. The eating isn't what's important, however. What's important is what lies upstairs: a fantastically huge playground where one can easily get lost (I know this from previous visits where I had to rescue a disoriented child from the labyrinth above) and lots of those games that so innocently suck up your quarters you keep right on shoving them in. Of course, it's all for a good end; after all, who doesn't want to spend $10.00 on games so that the earned tickets can be redeemed for that highly valuable junk? Money pit or not, the kids had a fabulous time!

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