Monday, August 6, 2012


The kids - Jacob in particular - have been begging for a backyard trampoline, but our yard is a bit small for such things (plus, I don't think our HOA even allows it). So I was very excited to hear a news story the other night about The Trampoline Place here in CT. Unfortunately, it is on the other side of CT. Obviously, CT is not a very big state, but hour and a half commute to jump on some trampolines is a bit excessive. I just had to give it a try anyway.

I called this morning just to gain more information on the place and was informed there was a one-time afternoon open gym today, so we canceled all other plans and made the trip.

I was most excited for Jacob to get to experience this. Unfortunately, I was right in my warning to him in the car that they would likely NOT allow them to do flips. Doing flips is the main reason Jacob wants a trampoline AND the main reason his bed sags in the middle. He was a bit pouty off and on throughout the afternoon because of the rule against flips. Poor guy doesn't yet understand the litigious society in which he lives. (As an aside, while his negative, complaining attitude bothered me, I reminded myself that God must get aggravated with me when I complain about my circumstances or fail to be appreciative for the many blessings He has given me.)

I have a feeling Jacob had some fun in spite of himself.

I know our other monkey had a lot of fun.

Alex surprised me in her endurance. I thought she wouldn't enjoy this activity much since it didn't involve a basketball. She did complain that every time she did a "seat jump" her head hurt, but she kept at it and said she just couldn't stop.

She did eventually run out of jumping energy as did the boys.

But Audrey? I had brought activities for her to do in the event that she tired out before the others and got bored. But she just kept jumping...

...and jumping.

I told the other three they were getting their butts whooped by their little sister. The coach said, "Well, she is a six-year-old." Audrey's siblings said, "Well, she is in gymnastics. This is what she DOES!"


Mark said...

I am glad that Audrey showed up the other 3! Wish I could have been there to jump too.

dclouser said...

Looks like SO much fun! I'm kinda glad Jacob couldn't do flips as I would be terrified that he'd break his neck.

Amy @ Cheeky Cocoa Beans said...

Looks like it was a lot of fun! Did *you* jump? ;) Audrey looks really tall in that last shot!