Sunday, August 19, 2012

Birthday Week

I'm calendarly challenged. My "baby" boy's birthday was back in May. My "baby" girl's birthday was two days ago. Last night we had a birthday party for my boy. I know. Not great planning, but that's just how it worked out.

Jacob's birthday happened the fall the day after we moved into our new house, so it wasn't real good timing for a birthday party. And this year is the boys' year for parties, so we put it on hold. So far on hold that Audrey's birthday snuck up on us too. It wasn't her year to have a party, but we did let her choose a dinner location. I'm sure it's not hard to believe she chose Chuck E. Cheese.
Nothing like dinner with a creepy puppet, right? 

At least she got to meet the real Charles Edward Cheese.
(That's what I call him; we're pretty tight, you see.)
Turns out our friends ending up joining us. And they brought gifts too...something that is definitely NOT supposed to happen at a not-party. It really looked like a real party to me. Shhh....don't tell anyone!
But at home, Audrey did get a not-party birthday cake, so I guess that made up for the real party not-party. I don't think she was complaining about the not-party cake, though.
Jacob had his real party party two days later. He invited a couple of friends over for the night. They rough housed like boys are supposed to do, enjoyed an Angry Birds pizza courtesy of his dad,
wolfed down an Angry Birds cake (and, yes, I realize my cake decorating techniques have seen better days),

(and notice the redneck "birthday candle")
rough housed some more, watched a movie, rough housed some more, and then built a gigantic tent in the boys' room.
I think his party was worth waiting for.
It was a busy two-for-one birthday week, but I think the two birthday kids had a good time. As for me, it's time to refresh and try to more competently plan future birthdays.


tsinclair said...

That chocolate cake looks sooo yummy. Not knocking Angry Birds, but I have a weakness for chocolate.
Who knows, you may have started a new trend - late birthday parties makes them last longer??

dclouser said...

What fun pictures! Looks like the kids were thrilled with their party.