Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tales from Midnight: A Mother's Hand

"Mommy!" Her little voice pierces the stillness of the night. I jump out of bed, awakened from an almost sound sleep, heart pounding, knowing I am on call but not awake enough to remember why.

I find her standing in the hallway. Now I remember. "Did you throw up, Baby?" I ask.

She shakes her head. "I'm thirsty," she says.

I offer her a little sip of water and then guide her back to her bed. I tuck her in and kiss her forehead. She grabs my hand. "Are you OK?" I ask.

"I want you." She looks at me imploringly.

"Do you want to sleep in my bed?" I ask and see relief flood her face.

She climbs up into my bed. I tuck her in again and turn off the lights.

She is restless.

I am almost asleep again in spite of her tossing and turning when I hear her again. "Mommy," she says with urgency, "I think I need to throw up."

I jump out of bed for the second time and grab her bucket. I am a little late.

I clean her up with a warm washcloth and then turn to address the linens. The brand new comforter was the only target. As I remove it from the bed, I glance at the tag. Dryclean only. It doesn't matter right now. I finish cleaning up and retrieve new covers.

I tuck her in again. She is still restless. Tossing and turning. Big sighs. Suddenly I feel her little hand through the covers, seeking, reaching. I clasp her tiny hand in mine. Immediately she quiets.

The tossing and turning stops. She is peaceful now, her hand in mine.


5thsister said...

I so hurt for them when they are sick. This was a precious post. I hope she is feeling better now.

Amy @ Cheeky Cocoa Beans said...

Oh, poor baby girl! (And poor mama!) I hope she's feeling much better now and that you have a peaceful, restful night.

Arby said...

I hope she feels better soon!

CrossView said...

I never would have thought, in my pre-kid days, that I would ever miss the nights of puke fests. But those times of utter helplessness, dependence, and need still melt my heart.

And I was reading your post. It was sweet. Made me a little nostalgic. But the hand reaching got me. It brought tears. STOP THAT!

tsinclair said...

Nothing like Mommy to make everything better, especially when you don't feel good.

Linda said...

Crossview, maybe you will get lucky and your grandchildren will come visit you when they are sick?