Sunday, June 13, 2010

This Week in Numbers

1148: Miles from our doorstep to Columbus, Ohio (round-trip).

10: Hours spent in the car. Fun hours, of course. Hours filled with arguments over which movie to watch. Hours interrupted by potty stops. Traffic jams. Whining because we aren't there yet. Actually, I have to give the kids credit. They're really good travelers. I'm probably the worst whiner.

6: Miserable nights spent in a hotel bed with my aching neck and back.

2: School days I marked on the calendar for the week. We spent one day at the Columbus Zoo and one at the science museum.

0: Number of giraffes and zebras at the zoo. The Columbus Zoo is supposed to be the best in the world, but no giraffes and zebras? Perhaps they are as tolerant of cold weather as I am.

1: Celebrities I met. Although I wasn't expecting it because I know he's busy, I was pleasantly surprised to find Jack Hanna at the zoo.

He wasn't the friendliest man I've ever met, but like I said, I know he's busy. Plus it must get tiring having people practically stalk you. PLUS, as I pulled up to him with the children, he was turning away to go back to his work. "Mr. Hanna," I yelled, "would you mind taking a picture with my children?" I know he rolled his eyes in his mind.

"Make it quick," he said a little too gruffly.

I made it quick.

Which is why the picture looks like this.

I'm still a fan.

1: Grand-nephew I got to meet for the first time. He's the first great-grandchild.

5: Nieces and nephews I reconnected with, plus 2 of their spouses.

3: Wonderful sisters-in-law I got to see and hang out with.

1: New sister-in-law I gained at my brother-in-law's wedding.

1: Cute little flower girl.


Bunch of Barrons said...
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Bunch of Barrons said...

Wow...sounds like a busy, but fun week. I always dread traveling with my kids. They aren't great in the car. That's cool you got to meet Jack Hannah. I am always turned off when celebrities are rude, although I try to remember I can totally see myself being a rude diva if I was famous. ;) haha.

CrossView said...

I say you should get credit for math!

We should travel together. I HATE road trips. We could make some whiney songs or poems... ;o)

Poor Mr. Hanna. Celebrity is a two-edged sword, eh? First, you go out and get on tv everywhere and get all famous then that same fame slows ya down. Wait! What? =P

I sure wish you'd get all your kinks and cricks fixed soon. I'd be really cranky by now. =/

Are you ever staying home?

5thsister said...

Of course count it as school!

Welcome back...sounds like a wonderful trip. I love Columbus! I lived there briefly and that is where I met Mr. Sister.

Kathleen said...

Crossview, we're home now. No more traveling plans! ;-)

Cynthia@RunningWithLetters said...

The Jack Hanna picture just cracks me up! I am glad you're giving him the benefit of the doubt in regard to his demeanor.

Looks like a fine trip, indeed :)

@nnie said...

love the idea of this post! a FUN way to present something, in this case your trip! And re: Jack hanna, isn't that kind of his schtick? grumpiness? it seems like his is always a bit gruff on Leno or wherever I see him. Good to check in on you.

tsinclair said...

I like that perspective. Sounds like a great time, glad you were able to see family AND Jack Hanna.

Oh, and the zoo looked awesome even without the giraffes and elephants. You saw those at Disney anyway. :-)

Ed Pilolla said...

make it quick, huh? and you're still a fan. you a good person. here from diapers n dragons.

Linda said...

A zoo without giraffes and zebras?!?! We have giraffes and zebras at the Brookfield Zoo near Chicago...and it's colder here than in Columbus.

Great pictures!! Love the one of Jack Hanna and your kids! :-)

Lauren said...

I have no idea who Jack Hanna is. But I would want a photo of him too.