Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Letter Never Sent

Dear Jacob,

My sweet, precious, no-longer-so-little boy! I certainly did not forget your birthday. I was so happy we could be at Disney for the days right before your birthday! What better way to celebrate than under the magical Disney sky? We sure had a lot of fun on that trip!

Of course, your actual birthday was a very busy day with Bright Futures graduation and school. for your siblings anyway; you of course were excused from all academics! And it started out in a celebratory way with the traditional birthday banner strung across your doorway.

We were able to extend your birthday by saving your party for a couple of weeks. But we enjoyed it regardless of its tardiness. It was lots of fun having so many friends join us at Lazer City, wasn't it? Of course, my neck was hurting so badly at that point I wasn't able to put as much time and effort into your cake as I would have liked, but it was still a cute Club Penguin cake.

I loved watching you interact with your friends at your party. I loved seeing your enthusiasm for the laser tag games and your excitement over the gifts. You are quiet around your friends, but I can see your eyes sparkle, and I love that! You are such a sweet boy and so much fun. You don't always say a lot, but when you do, you are funny and witty. You choose your words carefully, and that is a wonderful trait to have!

You are a competitive little man. I've enjoyed seeing you participate in sports over the last year, and you're getting good at volleyball too! I look forward to seeing you get involved in basketball and soccer this year. You are so much confident now in hanging out with others, and sports are a great opportunity for you to meet lots of other kids your age.

I'm excited to see what this year holds for you in school, in life.

Happy belated birthday!

I love you,


Arby said...

Happy birthday!

CrossView said...

The cake is cute!

Your description og him sounds so much like Guy. LOL! Those quiet ones always seem to be mulling things of the universe...

He looks like he had a great day(s)... Happy Birthday to him!

CrossView said...


5thsister said...

Aw...what a sweet letter. Happy Birthday wishes sent his way!

Bunch of Barrons said... sweet! I always get so mushy over my kid's birthdays. My little girl is turning one in about 2 weeks weeks. AH! How can that be...wasn't I just pregnant? :)

Amy @ Cheeky Cocoa Beans said... sweet. Happy belated birthday, Jacob!

Cute cake!

Cynthia@RunningWithLetters said...

Sorry your neck is still hurting :(
I am glad you were able to celebrate, though!


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