Thursday, March 4, 2010

Substitute Teacher

There are no sick days for us Homeschool Teachers, a.k.a. mommies. No phone number to call in the early morning hours to retain a substitute teacher. No Substitute Plans folder to lay on our desk in case of our absence. Nope, we just make do.

Or have an Alex.

Alex gently awakened me yesterday morning, my breakfast in her hand. She knew from the previous night that I was feeling a little under the weather. I spent most of yesterday in bed, and she freshened my glass of ice water on the hour.

She did all of her school work and then, with the use of her new AHG handbook, made up a motivational game to get the boys to finish theirs. The appendices of her new book are full of silly songs. The boys, silly boys that they are, are drawn to such songs. She made a deal with them. For every certain number of assignments they completed she would read the words to one silly song to them. They finished their work with no complaints.

She offered to make lunch and dinner, but I dragged myself out of bed just to remind everyone I'm still here and to make both meals, such as they were.

She finished all of today's schoolwork last night so that she would be free to help today.

This morning, she once again brought me breakfast in bed. Then I heard, "Come on, Audrey. I'll get you breakfast, and then we can do school, OK?"

Feeling a bit better today, I ventured out to the kitchen to pretend to get something so I could observe my substitute teacher. She sat with Audrey going over the alphabet cards, but not just going over them like I do. Really getting into each one. They reviewed the sounds each letter makes, and Alex discussed each picture on each card. "Look, Audrey! An iguana, just like my Webkinz! You know Jared, don't you?"

So I guess what I'm trying to say is a household does not really need a mommy to run; it just needs an Alex. 'Course this mom is sticking around so she can watch her Alex in action. It is such a precious memory, one I wish I could more effectively imprint on my brain with these words. And I say brain not heart because, well, it's already been captured there.


CrossView said...

I'm so sorry yu're not feeling well. =(

But I am glad you have an Alex. And obviously you are needed. Who else could have taught Alex so well??!! I guess you're doing your job well when you work yourself out of one.... ;o)

CrossView said...

I swear I proofread first. So where did my "o" go?

Kathleen said...

LOL! Don't be so hard on yourself! I know you know how to spell/write properly. So you should know that I know that you know and not worry about it! :)

Arby said...

Apparently mom and dad have done an excellent job raising their oldest cild. Well done!

Rachelp said...

I am sorry you aren't feeling well but so glad that your intentional parenting is paying off. :)

What a great job...both of you.

Amy said...

This totally made me cry!

SmallWorld at Home said...

That is SO awesome and a great example of a girl living out the AHG oath and creed. Not to mention earning the family helper badge!

5thsister said...

First..get well really soon.

Second..Alex is a gem. You are very, very blessed.

Mominin said...

What a treasure you have in your Alex! Hope you feel better soon.

Lauren said...

Your life of serving your children does reward itself with blessings as they serve you!

Anonymous said...

She has an iguana named JARED??!!!


Sorry you're under the weather. It stinks! Hope you're back to normal very soon. If you need a good virus killing soup recipe, let me know. It's super yummy, and it WORKS!

Yea for Alex!!

Marianna said...

It brought a tear to my eye when I read this. And then, later today when my fever kicked in, I grinned when I saw my sweet girl stepping into my shoes. What beautiful young ladies they both are! Hope you are better soon!

dclouser said...

What do moms do who don't have daughters! That is really sweet how Alex stepped up to the plate and especially how she even got the boys to do their schoolwork.