Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Random Thoughts

I survived another Tuesday. Don't get me wrong. I am blessed by my Bright Future kids, but coupled with co-op, it makes for a long day. And the commute downtown has gotten rather old. Of course, when I signed up to do this last August, I assumed we would sell the house and move 1/2 hour closer.

We haven't sold the house yet. Two years on the market. I don't think we're going to sell the house. Yes, we've had a few showings here and there. Those always come along when the house is a disaster and needs a good cleaning.

I think it's about time for a house showing.

I was in bed for two or three days last week. When I finally crawled out, it didn't just look like a tornado went through our house. It looked like the tornado traveled a few hundred miles and then dumped all of its loot in our house.

I'd love to do some spring cleaning, but life has been too busy, plus there's been all this not-feeling-good stuff. I'm finally beginning to feel Human again, so perhaps there is some spring cleaning in my future.

It feels like spring here. Can you believe it? Two inches of snow a week ago, in the 70s today.

I pulled myself out of bed twice last week. To go to the same place. To do the same thing. Friday, our homeschool group went to Stars and Strikes for bowling. We got a package deal: two games of bowling and a $5.00 arcade card. Not a bad deal. 'Course my kids do not have the patience for two games of bowling. Seeing as how the Princess bowls granny style and, thus, her ball takes a few hours to make it down the alley, I suppose I didn't really have the patience for two games either. She's awfully cute when she bowls, though.

Unfortunately, two out of four of my children were able to snag a stuffed toy from the claw machine, so now they think they are worth the money.

We went to Stars and Strikes again on Sunday to meet some friends for $1.00 laser tag. We had a great time. Two out of four of my children tried to score more stuffed toys from the claw machine. They failed miserably.


CrossView said...

I hate when the puking tornadoes hit. But I'm so glad you've re-joined the Land of the Living! You've been missed. =D

Tuesdays sound rough even when you're feeling well. Fun can be work!

You're a good mom. My 13-yr old has been bugging me about bowling. She went once when she was 3 and, go figure, she doesn't remember.

Arby said...

My children try to claw their way into those machines to get the toys. They'll end up on AFV some day. Have you given any consideration to staying in the house that you're in? Just wonderin'.

tsinclair said...

Life lesson learned - they were just plain lucky to win something the first time. :-)

Glad you're feeling better though. I would offer to send my housekeeper over to help, but I don't have one. I would love to, but I would be too embarrassed for her to see my house. :-)

At least we never have to worry about being bored...lol

Mr. Stupid said...

Looks like, the stuffed toy didn't want to come out the second time. I used to fail miserably in this game. I fail even now.

There's a Tornado visit in my room everyday. Especially in the morning, when I am digging through my closet!

Bunch of Barrons said...

Glad you're feeling better. My parents just recently sold their house *which had been on the market for 2 years, also* so there is hope! Hope you get rid of it soon! ;)

4 Lettre Words said...

Aarrgghhh...the claw machine!!

Cynthia@RunningWithLetters said...

I hope you are feeling better. My house must have been in the path of the same tornado. And you comments about the whole house for sale thing give me pause...because we'll be putting ours up for sale within the year. I've never sold a house before. It sounds sort of stressful.

SO funny about the claw machine :)

@nnie said...

hey Kathleen,
please know that we all have those tornado traveled a few hundred miles and dumped it's loot in our house days. and stay in bed and don't have to move days. and i've been trying to sell my house for a long time kind of years. it's through the "junk" of life that we actually bring God into focus, I think. If life is too easy, we can just skate on through. He is the great healer, the great cleaner and the great seller. Hang in there today!