Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More Princess Tales

**In jest, my husband and I often joke that it's a good thing the Princess is so cute as she's not picking up on her letters, etc., quite as quickly as Alex, for example. 'Course when you're 4th in line, not as much one-on-one time is spent with you, so it's completely understandable. Anyway, today I've decided the jesting must stop...I was making lunch with the little one as my audience. She suddenly spied a pile of Presidents' Day lapbook stuff. "Mommy, eez dat Orge Ashington?"

**On nights when I'm an MSM, by 8:00 I'm just done! I was sitting on the couch with Audrey on my lap. "Do you think you could walk upstairs by yourself," I ask. "I'm too tired to carry you!" "Mo," she says, "My birs (bear's) too auvy (heavy)!" Her vocabulary and diction continues to improve daily!

**"Night night, Baby," I said. "I love you! Do you love me?" She nods. "I luf Daddy too. I luf boys and Dada too."

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