Friday, February 15, 2008


It all started Monday morning. Mark left before the kids woke up, and when I went up to greet the Princess (who STILL, after almost a year, refuses to get herself out of her big girl bed in the morning (thus defeating the whole purpose of the big girl bed!)), she asked, "Daddy bye-bye?" This isn't an unusual question; the Princess likes to know exactly what's going on in her kingdom, and of course her daddy is one of her most important subjects. But her next question I have not heard before: "Daddy at Boppy-Pop Store?" "The Lollipop Store?" I began in response. "Well...I don't think his original itinerary--which took him to Maryland this week--includes a lollipop store, but I can run it by him." I did run it by her daddy who immediately agreed to stop by the Lollipop Store (translation: Publix) before his return. Really, how else could he respond to Her Highness?

The next few days were filled with personal telephone conversations between the Princess and her daddy as she wanted to make sure he completely understood the necessity of the visit to the Boppy-Pop Store. And yesterday her daddy returned but not before our homeschool Valentine's Day party at Jungle Jump. After a couple hours of jumping on the huge inflatables, we broke for lunchtime, a time which also included a Valentine craft and a Valentine exchange. Much to the Princess' delight, the valentines accompanied many sweet treats, including boppy-pops (unbeknownst to her, another one of her subjects (me!) had recently purchased a 300-piece bag of Dum Dums). From Jungle Jump, the whole crew of kids and moms headed to our house for Michael's birthday celebration. There was, of course, cake and goody bags with more boppy-pops (how else is a mother to get rid of 300 Dum Dums?).

Perhaps it was all of the excitement of yesterday as well as the multiple boppy-pops the Princess snuck in her mouth. Or maybe she was just so happy to have her daddy back on Valentine's Day. Or maybe a little of both. Whatever, the case, it slipped her mind to inquire of her subject about his trip to the Boppy-Pop Store. This morning, however, the Princess was quick to remind her daddy of his promise. In her little mind, I would suppose she thinks it really took her daddy 4 days to select just the right kind of boppy-pop for someone of such royal blood as herself. And he didn't disappoint: he presented to her the most royal of lollipops: the Tootsie Pop.

And, no, I don't feed my children lollipops for breakfast, but I can't help it that she slept until 9:00. And I can't help it if she hadn't eaten any of her breakfast yet when the thought popped into her mind that she hadn't yet received her lollipop. So, yes, I guess that, although I'd prefer to think she had a lollipop for snack, she in fact had a lollipop for breakfast.

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