Monday, August 22, 2011

Pool Party!!

It was a tough call for her to make. A pool party or a gymnastics party? Ultimately, she chose the pool, which I think is a winning choice since it appeals to more guests. And guests? I am feeling very blessed that my sweet little girl had 13 kids with whom to celebrate; I have had fleeting worries that, since we are new up here, there wouldn't be any party guests.

I think they all had a good time at the YMCA pool. We started in the pool where the kids had 45 minutes to splash around and play various pool games.
pool Audrey

boys under the water

towel Audrey2

Following the pool fun, the kids were led to the gym for game time. Audrey chose Minnows & Sharks and Duck, Duck, Goose and was promptly appointed a shark.
games Audrey

Duck Duck Goose 2

After the kids were worn out running around the gym,it was time for the PARTY! Audrey had to wait a bit for her favorite part so we could have pizza. THEN she got to have cake.
cake close-up

blowing candles1

Of course, the presents were what she really wanted to get to, and she wasted no time tearing into them.

Her friends were terribly creative and knew exactly what delights her sweet little Princess heart...Polly Pockets, crafts, books. Our dining room currently looks like a Michael's craft store, and since we got home from the party, she has kept herself busy NON-STOP with her new Polly's, her Play-Doh, and one craft after the other!


Courtney said...

That cake is too cute. Did you make it? Happy Birthday Audrey!

5thsister said...

This "Polly" would like to send Happy Birthday wishes to a lovely and special young lady.

tsinclair said...

Awww...a big girl party. :-)

Looks like they had a great time.

dclouser said...

The cake is adorable! I didn't know Audrey was a crafty girl - she and her Aunt Debbi will have to get together sometime!

Amy @ Cheeky Cocoa Beans said...

Oh. my. word. What an awesome cake! I love it, right down to the swimsuits on the Teddy Grahams! Did you make the cake?

It looks like Audrey had a wonderful party!