Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day

The Northerners all think I'm crazy. Schools around here don't start for a few weeks, and I'm already a couple weeks behind my normal schedule. Traditionally, we start our academics the first Monday of August (excepting last year when our lives were in the midst of being turned upside down). Because an early start affords more flexibility in the middle, I was going to return to tradition this year, but with our guest and my general disorganization, that did not happen. A couple weeks tardy is not too bad, though. And, honestly, the kids were bored so school is something to do.

It was a good day. Everyone fell right back into a school routine, and we got a lot accomplished. It's hard to believe we have a middle schooler now!
first day of school Alex

She was introduced to Bob Jones math and English and also continues to work on her One Year Adventure Novel course which she started at the end of last year. She also informed me that she wants to learn "CSI stuff", so I found an e-book on Currclick which I will attempt to implement at some point during the year.

Our fifth grader, Michael, maintained a wonderfully positive attitude today about all of his studies, a very welcome change. I hope to find him a good outlet for building and sharing Lego creations.
first day of school Michael

Jacob is in fourth grade this year and is plugging right along with Bob Jones as well. He never exhibits whole-hearted enthusiasm for any of his studies, but he always does a good, thorough job in completing each task.
first day of school Jacob

Perhaps the one for whom this year will bring the greatest change is my little first grader.
first day school Audrey

Although she got a taste of academia in Kindergarten, this will be her first year of really being thrown into the mix. She did great today and was excited to have a spelling book just like her brothers and sister.

We are taking it slow as we jump back into school. Part of that is because a friend with whom I am co-op'ing for History, Science, and a Northerner, so I did not want to force her to start against her will. We will begin those subjects in September. Until then, we will get completely familiar with our subjects at hand. One of those subjects includes French. I am so happy I purchased Rosetta Stone this year and wonder why I waited this long; hearing the kids repeat French phrases into their headset is perhaps the cutest thing EVER!

(Note: The kids came up with their own staging for the photos. They may or may not have been bribed to do so cooperatively. That bribe may or may not have included a piece of licorice and a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup.)


mountain mama said...

awesome! love those pics!

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

Love, love, love that creativity! Sure hope it's a wonderful school year.

Brownie said...

Great pictures - as usual :)

I read your previous blog entry - so sad about your photos lost from your blog. I too plan on turning my blog into a book - so sad for you that their missing. Alas, life continues...

tsinclair said...

We are still getting into the groove here. Our first day went surprisingly well - now that the novelty is starting to wear off, the lack of enthusiasm is returning. Shooting for a productive year.
Love the creativity displayed in the grade levels :-)

Bunch of Barrons said...

These shots are so cute! Love it. Good luck with the new school year! :)

dclouser said...

These photos are amazing! They are all growing up so much. Can't believe Alex is in middle school already - and the boys aren't far behind! Have a wonderful school year.