Sunday, April 3, 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt, Vol. V

I had this post all written and scheduled today, came in this morning to link up, and found it had disappeared! How strange! So I'm just going to give the photos to you without much explanation (well, as much as I had before). Phew! What a relief for you, huh?

1. Something Tiny
I have a few tiny things around the house because I think tiny things are cute. Here is an itsy-bitsy tube of toothpaste Mark got on his flight to Germany a couple weeks ago:
Something Tiny 1

More tiny things:
Something Tiny 3

Something Tiny 2

2. High Key
Times Square is definitely high key.
High Key

EDIT: After seeing some of your photos, I clearly did not understand this prompt. But whatcha gonna do? Not reshoot it. Right now anyway. Because I am comfortably planted on my couch in front of the TV. Not moving right now. Even for the camera.

3. Bedroom
Nothing special about our bedroom in our rental house, so here is the view from our hotel bedroom last weekend:

A better view the afternoon we got there:

And the same view but with the morning sunshine casting such a different look:

4. Off in the Distance
This is a stretch for this prompt, but this photo holds special memories for our family. Can you see it? Do you see anything off in the distance?
Off in the Distance 1

You can't? Well, the kids really, really, really wanted to go see the Statue of Liberty, but it was just too stinkin' cold to get on a boat. But when we were on the flight deck of the Intrepid, the kids were very excited because they were the first to spy our Lady Liberty waaaay off in the distance. Maybe this will help. A little. Maybe.
Off in the Distance 2

5. Stripes
Not 10 minutes after I saw this week's prompts last Sunday, I looked out our hotel window and saw this. I just love how the light plays with the shadow of the buildings to create stripes on the road. Not to mention the stripes that are painted on the street as well as the stripes created by the rows of the windows on the buildings.


Buckeroomama said...

Great Tiny shots. I especially love the mini bottles of Tabasco and the screw/screwdriver shots! :)

Margaret said...

I liked the blue-hued morning and the last one with the tiny yellow cabs looking like toy cars. We went to NYC and did NOT get a chance to see the Statue of Liberty either. My kids STILL remind me of their disappointment! :)

Ashley Sisk said...

What a great week of photos - I love all of the images, especially the view from your hotel room.

Bunch of Barrons said...

Love those views you captured! Great shots!

Mine are on Flickr:

Anonymous said...

I love them! Gorgeous photos. Love your striped photo.

Jessica said...

I love all of your interpretations this week!!! Your tiny shot is adorable!

Jenn said...

Great job on all your photos this week! I especially love the stripes!

Melissa said...

What a cool perspective on stripes, love it!

Susan said...

What fun finds. Love the mini Tabasco, and your great interpretation of stripes.

Tara said...

Great job, I love your bedroom and stripes shots!

Brownie said...

So do you get tired of me saying that your photos are gorgeous? They are - I'm just that impressed consistently :)

Nicole said...

Wow! I loved this! I've never been to New York so I have a fascination with the personal perspective. I loved seeing it from your point of view... Nice view by the way. Great colors... And thanks for pointing out the Empire State Building :)

Rachelp said...

Oh, I LOVE the Tabasco cool would that be to have that photo in your just keep getting better and better..can not wait to see the SPRING photos you will get..

allison said...

love the mini tabasco's! and what a cool shot of the city street. Love the shadows and light

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

You had such an amazing trip & captured some really great things. Really love getting entranced by each shot.

Stefanie Brown said...

What amazing shots! They're incredible! Nicely done.

Cedar said...

These are great! High energy is a very logical interpretation of the high key prompt, and for that your shot is perfect! I love, love you stripes!

Brooke said...

Kathleen - these are all amazing - love your bedroom shots. And stripes too! I love your high key shot - hey, it is always open to interpretation, right?? :D What a great trip!

Michelle said...

These are all great!!! I think I've given up on Scavenger Hunt Sunday. They had some prompts a couple weeks ago, I just had no clue about!! LOL Yours are all wonderful!

julie said...

All such great shots...LOVE your take on stripes - so creative! :)

Jessaca said...

I had to take a second look on your something the post processing. Great High Keys. Lovin all the color.
Have a good one!!