Monday, April 11, 2011

An Empty Glass...and Some Pictures

I have finally figured it out. I have a very set amount of Creativity in my being, so when it is being used up on Project A, there is little left for Project B. It's like I start with a glass full of Creativity. Then I slowly pour it on on one thing, resulting an empty glass.

I've been pouring (see?) all of my creativity into planning school for next year, so there has been little left for anything else (ie: photography and writing). But you know what I discovered? I have skipped 3 or 4 of my regular photography challenges, and--are you ready for this? Life kept going on as normal; the world did not end, the planet did not implode.

So I've decided that, since there is more to my life than just blogging and photography, I'm not going to put so much pressure on myself to post daily and link up, link up. In fact, for this post, I am pulling photos from the archives--more from our New York City trip.

I feel that, in photography, my greatest weakness is portrait photography. The following pictures are the result of the first planned "shoot" I did, though I wouldn't even call it that since it was a rushed 5 minutes I took as Mark checked out of our hotel. I guess I should also mention I kind of bribed my children to act right; they are a little tired of the lens and are becoming less and less cooperative.

I had seen this warehouse door with the graffiti several times in our walks down the road. I thought it was a perfect backdrop for some shots of the kids. I'm not entirely happy with all of them. I shot them in manual and, I guess, got the shutter speed too slow for photographing kids because some of them were blurry. I find that converting to black and white helps cover up some of the blurriness. Anyway, there are a lot of photos here, but I felt bad leaving any out.

Here are my girls:



the long road



Audrey & Alex



Sweet Shot Day

And my rascally boys:










4 Kids1


Ashley Sisk said...

I love the urban vibe to these photos!

Brownie said...

I love your photos of your kids. I love the background too!

I understand about the creativity thing. I love taking photos and even though I was only involved with two "challenges" I realized that I prefer to spend my creativity with writing. I'll keep taking photos and posting on my photo blog but I'm not going to add the additional pressure of a challenge. I did learn from it though - learned to play around with editing and to have fun.

Here's to creativity however we use it!

Jessaca said...

OMG where to start...Love the pop of color in the first shot with the purple and the green are excellent!!! 4th photo...well If asked by oldest to take a photo with his sister yes we get the same face LOL. Great sweet shot Tuesday. Model in the making...I think so. Great photo of the boys and the Graffiti in the background.
Have a good one!!!

mountain mama said...

yes, i agree, blogging isn't worth it if we have pressure :) onto the pics. i always love your shots. the one of the sisters is amazing as is the ones of your oldest girls.

what beautiuful girls and handsome young men!!

tsinclair said...

Great shots, Alex is very photogenic on close-ups.

Courtney K. said...

Beautiful photos! I love that wall they are leaning against.

alicia said...

What great pics and fun shoot. Love the backdrop.

Bunch of Barrons said...

Great shots. And good for you! I forget this a lot of times. (Nooo...I have to link to this, and that, and this!!!) There's so much life to live, it's ok to miss a link. ;)

Cedar said...

These are great! What a wonderful place for a photo op! Love the colors!

dclouser said...

Great photos of the kids! With the backdrop in that first pic I would have thought that Audrey was a homeless person (haha), but I like the way one of your commenters put it "urban vibe". Alex is looking SO grown-up these days. I think every picture you've taken of her in the past year she's been wearing her signature hat! So cute.

Amy @ Cheeky Cocoa Beans said...

I love the background--great choice! Alex is so photogenic. And all these great shots in 5 minutes? Girl, you rock!

Anonymous said...

The one with me looks the best. :D