Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Renaissance Festival: Likes & Dislikes

Things I Didn't Like About the Renaissance Festival:

1. Needs no explanation; we all know how I feel about crowds:

2. We got nickel and dimed for EVERYTHING. $3.00 for a maze that took 3 minutes. $3.00 for a swing ride on the Nina, the Pinta, or the Santa Maria, and...3 bucks to slide down a slide. Granted, it was a tall, long slide, but I firmly put my foot down to paying $12.oo for the children to do something they can do FOR FREE at any local park, thankyouverymuch.

3. The food lines were obnoxious. One had to stand in one long line for chicken tenders and fries, another line for a pretzel, another line for a turkey leg, a different line for a Coke, a different line for ice cream. Lots of fun with 4 kids who all want something different.

Things I Liked About the Renaissance Festival:

1. Cool shows.

2. The squeals of delight emanating from the Princess and the smile on her face as she rode the $3.00 Santa Maria swing.

3. We brought our lunch, so we had the freedom to wait until the lines had dwindled down to nothing to buy special treats and snacks.

4. The petting zoo was free.

5. We had about a half an hour of having the place to ourselves after the school groups left and before the festival closed.

6. The acrobatic show was great. And funny too.

7. We had a great time with friends.

8. Oh, and our knight, Sir Maximillian, won the joust.


Tatiana said...

Cool! What a memorable day! I for one would be completely exhausted and a tad grumpy after all that. Despite that, I'm very interested in giving it a try after seeing your pictures. Thanks for sharing.

CrossView said...

I'd have loved it! IF we could skip all those bad things and just keep the good! LOL! The good looks very good!

Courtney said...

We went a few years ago on the weekend, and while we were waiting on my husband to bring back some drinks, the king, queen and their procession walked by. The king stopped and said, "Are all these kids yours?" I smiled and nodded and he said in fine British accent, "A regulare baby factory!"

Then the queen punched him.

And the king apologized.

Mrs Soup said...

Oh what a great faire! I love Ren Faires!!

Amy @ Cheeky Cocoa Beans said...

We went to the Ren Fest a few years ago with our homeschool group...glad we went, but haven't gone back. I think the kids' favorite part was the petting zoo, and we can do that other places. ;) I hope to convince my dh to go back in another year or two since I know the kids will get more out of it now that they're older.