Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Winners Only

I was pleasantly surprised at our co-op Field Day. I figured we'd just follow the rest of the country and award everyone so our children's self-esteem would stay intact. However, with the exception of the very youngest competitors, only those kids/teams who won an event received a medal or ribbon. Only the winners win. What a novel idea.

It was a fun day, and the wonderful lady who put the day all together did a fabulous job. There were team events like the ball relay and the race to fill the team bucket with spongefuls of water. There were also individal events like the frisbee throw, the limbo, and the beanbag throw.

I was assigned to the boys team, so I only got little glimpses of my girls. Michael took home the first place ribbon in the limbo, and Alex had two second place ribbons, one for the beanbag throw, and one for the frisbee throw. They all earned at least one ribbon because their teams won at least one event each.

It was a fun day under a beautiful sun.


Teacher Mommy said...

Our field days are anything but awarding everyone. They're pretty cutthroat competitions, honestly.

I do dislike that whole "award everyone so they keep their self-esteem intact" approach (which does seem to show up in middle school a LOT). I mean, how is it good for your self esteem in any REAL way to be awarded for breathing? You haven't EARNED the kudos. It's like I tell my students and is posted on my wall: You won't be rewarded for having brains, but for using them.

CrossView said...

Your kids are just so stinkin' photogenic!

Congrats on the ribbons!

tsinclair said...

Love the statement TeacherMommy - mind if I use it?

Really fun day - great time for the kids.