Thursday, April 15, 2010

Invention Station

I thought Michael would be all over this project, but surprisingly, it was Jacob who displayed the most enthusiasm. We're at least a day behind in our history reading, but ironically, we began reading about Leonardo da Vinci today, on his birthday. We read about some of his art but focused mostly on Leo's sketches and inventions.

I have, for a couple months now, been collecting a large box of junk: empty pasta boxes, various lids, pop tops from soda cans, straws, cotton balls TP rolls. You name it, it probably made it into my Box O'Junk. Today I spread all the junk out on the dining room table eliciting many questions from my children.

I finally got to the project instructions. They were to invent something using the items on the table. Like I said, I thought this project would be right up Michael's alley, and I expected great hesitation from Jacob. However, he started right to work with great purpose and was the first to finish his invention. Using a TP roll handle, Jacob demonstrated how to turn the main paper towel roll shaft to wind up a string with a hook on it.

Used to haul in whatever one wants to haul in, Jacob had a great time sitting upstairs with his gadget dangling through the pickets of the overlook.

Jacob's inventive juices were flowing so well today, he also invented a way to con me into letting him have a Coke and a root beer clever drinking system. Mixed drink anyone?

Alex came up with a few inventions of her own as well. A chic purse:

And a tossing game, which they all had fun playing.

As for Michael, he spent a lot of time working with the junk on the table, but he took a more artistic route, creating animals out of colored puffballs. Apparently, none of the critters survived for long, though, because by the time I went to photograph his work, he had only a very colorful penguin. The penguin, I was told, did not wish to be photographed.

Of course, the Princess was not to be left out. She created a Box of Stuff. I am still a little unclear about the purpose of the "stuff" in the Box of Stuff, but with that cutie-patootie smile, I'm confident she'd have no trouble hocking her Box of Stuff regardless of its purpose.


Lauren said...

The original collection of junk is called "The Useful Box" — useful because it can be used for all sorts of projects.

I love Jacob's crane. Excellent work!

CrossView said...

Ok, that looks like a lot of fun! You ARE the party mom!

Cynthia@RunningWithLetters said...

This is great. It is reminiscent of "free create" day in my art room--but I never would have thought of hooking the concept with a Da Vinci lesson--what a great idea.

And the penguin didn't wish to be photographed? That is too funny!

off to see what I missed on the Colorado trip!

Arby said...

I'm thinking Jacob is going to be very popular in college...bartending!