Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Blues

I woke up this morning with a MONSTER headache. One of those headaches which makes you feel like throwing up. One of those headaches where a puppy barking or a child asking for breakfast makes you think your head might just blow up. So I went back to bed...and my sweet girl took over. First she gave me a nice head rub and sympathized with me by saying, "You must really have a bad headache; you didn't even come wake us up this morning."

As the kids began waking up and coming down to see where their food was, she informed me that she would get everyone breakfast. And as I heard peaceful voices emanate from the kitchen, my headache did begin to lift a bit.

The peace was interrupted when I heard the puppy ring the bells on the door indicating he wanted to go out. Normally, I would just yell out to Alex to take him out, but I couldn't bear to yell that loudly, plus she was already doing so much, so I headed out to the kitchen to take him out. "What are you doing, Mom?" she asked in a very concerned and motherly way. When I told her, she said, "Don't worry. I'll take him out. You just go back to bed."

Seems the other little ones stepped up a bit too. Michael spilled milk, and he got his own towel and cleaned it up. Audrey got herself dressed. Alex had already issued dress code instructions: "We have to wear green today for co-op, boys." Audrey overheard and got dressed in a white turtleneck. When I saw her, I congratulated her on getting dressed by herself but informed her that she would have to change into something green. "But Mommy, there's green paint on my sleeve!" she said indignantly. Sure enough. She's got green on.

These precious children God has given me amaze me.


dclouser said...

It's so fun when they get old enough to help out like that. Not to mention a lifesaver on headache days!

4 Lettre Words said...

"Big" kids are awesome!! Hope today is better for you!

Annie H. said...

mmm mmm. my friend. i'm so sorry about the headache (migraine) but it is refreshing to see the kids do things they normally wouldn't. hope you are MUCH better and that you didn't get pinched.

p.s. I've missed your blog! My blog reading is severely limited lately! hoping i'll get my momentum back soon!

CrossView said...


The only thing good about being physically down is hearing the little ones sweetly handle things. The only problem is that when you're feeling better, they seem to forget that they can do these things. ;o)

Hope you're feeliing better...

John Roper said...

Great post, Kathleen! I like the new header, as well. I've finally gotten around to adding you to my Bloglist on "Soul Strokes," so you may pick up some visitors.

By the way, when you have the chance I would love to see you update "Growing Up MK." You've got a book in the making there.