Thursday, March 26, 2009

Listen to a Life

I was pleased when my sister-in-law told me about the Legacy Project because I knew it would be right up Alex's alley. She loves to write, and she loves to win things. The essay contest she entered is called "Listen to a Life." Alex was very professional as she interviewed her grandmother about all she accomplished as a missionary in Africa.

Alex's concern now? She is worried that if she wins, she won't know what to do with the i-Pod since she already has one. Uh, hello! Your mother doesn't have one. Anyway, here is her essay:

My grandmother always dreamed of becoming a missionary. As the kid of a missionary, she lived in Africa. This prepared her to become a missionary.

She found her life partner in college: Milton Pierce. He proposed to her on a hill behind their college. She accepted, and they were married shortly.

Both my grandmother and my grandfather went to work on the mission field. They taught people about Jesus Christ. My grandmother also helped in translating the Bible into Black Bobo, a language that had never before been in written form. My grandmother's biggest accomplishment was seeing people believe in Christ.

Another thing my grandmother always wanted to do was raise a family. She had five kids and three are now missionaries!

A retired woman today, my grandmother loves seeing all of her children grown, married, and loving God. She also loves being a part of her grandchildren's lives. My grandmother accomplished lots, and I am proud of her.

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CrossView said...

Great project idea...
Very well written easy and I love the grandmother from it! =D

And I don't have an i-Pod... ;o)