Wednesday, May 21, 2014

On Blogging...

I keep eyeing that shortcut button to Treasured Chapters that sits on my browser's Bookmark Bar. It occasionally taunts me, really. I've come to the conclusion that I no longer blog for three main reasons. First, I still hold a huge grudge against Google+ for making it so easy for me to inadvertently delete all of the photos from my blog. As a perfectionist, it's difficult for me to continue a project that has holes in it. At least I know I can keep busy during my empty nester years restoring those photos. (Of course, my premature worries about what in the world I will do with myself once the kids have flown the coop is fodder for another post altogether. Or 100 posts. Or maybe just material good for a reclined position on a psychiatrist's couch.)

Anyway, the second and probably most influential reason I haven't been able to pick up my blogging pen much is that it's just not as easy to blog about older kids. Dare I say they don't do things so cutely anymore? That's not to say my joy in sharing life with them has in any way been diminished; in fact, I am enjoying them more now than ever. They are witty and insightful and funny and just a lot of fun to be around. Just not cutesy, which is kinda what I used to focus on.

Facebook wasn't around yet when my babies were babies. I feel like I missed out a little because I didn't get to show off adorable photos of my babies on a daily basis. Of course, that very point serves to emphasize the third and perhaps equally as important reason I've been avoiding Treasured Chapters. I have such a love/hate relationship with any media that falls under the social label. It's hard enough being a patient homeschool mom to four kids and a loving wife to a traveling husband without being barraged by daily reminders from photos and status updates about how incredibly awesome other moms are, what supermoms they are. Of course, they probably think the same about me; we tend to post the highlights of our lives that we think others will admire. It's more difficult to be real and thus vulnerable in front of others. I know from experience that the devil uses this to cultivate a culture of comparison with a huge dose of feeling like you can never measure up.

I'm working on combating the devil's schemes by spending less time on Facebook and other social media. At the same time, however, I feel like time is flying by so very quickly and I'm not capturing enough of those quick moments in a way that I can savor them more fully later.

So I am back with my random ramblings, my photos, and my desire to save these moments in a way that I can better treasure them.


tsinclair said...

Okay, I randomly check your blog...just in case :-)

I would just like to throw my 2 cents out there.
#1 - I completely understand your grudge. I rely on facebook for photo albums now (I just don't make them all public :-))

#2 - I can understand the cutesy part, plus teens do not really seem to enjoy having their lives thrown out there for all of us old people to admire. :-)

#3 - you are the quintessential supermom! And yes, I will freely admit to moments of grudging jealousy/envy - but they are far too small to compete with the pride and loving envy that goes along with keeping up with my friend.

So, my 2 cents is that you keep up some type of posting so us distance folks don't feel so distant. :-) ♥ ♥ ♥

Rachelp said...

I am in the same boat... add to it #4. There are mean people wanted to judge you and speak how YOU are living your Christian life incorrectly, even though they really don't know you.. or what you are doing, yet only see a small part through a blogpost. Yep, mean ,graceless Christians...the worst! I am thankful for the sweet photos and fun stories I see on your blog.