Monday, September 10, 2012

Adventures in Rhode Island

It was a fun day today. It was my turn to make the milk pick-up trip to the farm, and since it is some distance away, I decided to turn the day into a field trip. We went to Rhode Island. The kids hadn't been to Rhode Island yet, so they were introduced to the Ocean State with a visit to Narragansett.

I was inspired to visit Narragansett by a friend who hosts the website Kid Friendly Things To Do. And basically, we just did everything she suggested...because, why not? The first thing we did was visit Point Judith Lighthouse.

The beach was made of rocks, with stacks of rocks scattered here and there.

I am not sure of the story behind the stacks of rocks, but the kids enjoyed exploring the rocky landscape and making their own stack of stones.

I think we had been there about 30 minutes when one of them asked, "Is this the beach we were going to go to?"

"No," I replied, "this is the lighthouse."

"Lighthouse? What lighthouse? Oh..."

Lunch followed the lighthouse. I had already planned where we were going to dine using MapQuest.

Turned out to be a fairly good choice, although we were the only customers. I hope they do better ordinarily so we can return one day to find them still in business.

The beach was our next stop. There was a public beach across the street from Amalfi, but it was quite crowded. My friend's website had given away a great secret about a small secluded beach that belongs to the University of RI. We found it, and it was perfect.

It was a little bit chilly, but it wasn't long until the kids were warming up with all of their running around

and digging.

It wasn't long until they were romping around in the waves.

It was a gorgeous day,

and I loved spending it with my kids. I think they felt the same way...

If not, I know they were definitely excited that we ended our adventure at Nana's Candy Bar where each kid got to fill a bucket with candy!


tsinclair said...

Now this looks like a fun homschool day :-)

So glad you were able to do it

Amy @ Cheeky Cocoa Beans said...

Oh, wow. You are such a fun mom to plan all of that! :) It looks like you had a beautiful, wonderful day. Love the photo where your son looks like he's walking on water. ;)

Arby said...

That looks like it was fun!

dclouser said...

These pix of the kids are amazing, Kathleen! What a wonderful late summer outing you all had.