Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A New Chapter

Well, we are officially Connecticutians Connecticutans Connecticutters people who live in Connecticut. It's hard to believe we've only been here a week. I bounce from feeling a million years away from "home" to feeling like we must just be on vacation, and we'll be returning "home" any day now. I've been OK, though; I haven't lost it like I did during several especially difficult good-byes.

Of course I am always reminded of the fact that we are strangers in this state when I leave the house. I know my way well enough to each of the 3 grocery stores in town that I could probably almost give you directions, but to go anywhere else? Thank goodness for the GPS on one hand. On the other, I completely believe there is some evil GPS puppeteer somewhere in Satellite Land who amuses himself with directing people like me. "Hmmm...I'll send her down Maple Ave. to get there, but just so she doesn't learn her way around, I'll bring her back home down Elm St. [insert maniacal laughter]." What we need is a map. What we forget every time we go to the store is a map.

And we have gone to the store. As cheap as this move was supposed to be, there are always those acquisitions that become necessary when trying to transfer your stuff from your house where they had their exact right place to a new house where there isn't just the right place. There are rugs to buy, storage helps, etc.

For as big as this house is, there is little storage. For example, the master bathroom has a pedestal sink. It looks lovely, it really does, but since there are no cabinets, no shelves, no nothin', a cabinet under the sink would have been so helpful. But things are finding their spot. I am down to about 6 boxes left in the house. I thought about photographing the pile of broken down boxes I have sitting on the porch because the pile is pretty impressive; however, I am just too tired to get up, find the camera, and obtain the picture. And if I get back my energy and feel like unpacking more boxes, there are about 100 of them in the garage. Things we don't really need in the house. Of course, since we don't need them, I find myself asking why we have them. Where did all this stuff come from? And why did it all come to CT with us? I thought we purged before we left!

So slowly but surely we are getting settled. We started school this week which has gone well. I'm sure there will be more fun details to come when I'm not so tired!

PS - I am a part of Swagbucks. And I like SB, I really do--I just got $10 worth of Amazon gift cards for doing nothing really. BUT, I just published this post and noticed SB has linked to some of my words, like pedestal sink, for example. This is very annoying to me. Why must everything online be so invasive? When I'm not so tired, I shall investigate this and get rid of the obnoxious links. For now, sorry--don't click on the links with double underlines; they do not link to any profound information from moi.


CrossView said...

I don't know whether to laugh at you or cry for you... ;o)

Glad you're settling in. Glad school's back. All signs of normalcy??!!

I'm not seeing any underlined stuff...

Is it terribly selfish of me to miss you when I never met you??!! Or is it just weird? =/

Arby said...

You'll be fine. Indulge your inner gypsy and invest homeschool time having your children reserch local places to see. It's time for a few field trips!

Bunch of Barrons said...

Hang in there...I'd be lost in my own YARD if I didn't have a GPS. :) Hope you get all settled in soon!

Lauren said...

You'll have to come up for a good term for Connecticuters. We live in Eagleby and it's always been a toss-up between Eaglebeanies or Eaglebytes.

sharon said...

er - my birdseed is in that bottom box, you know the one with 5 stacked on top. yeah, over in the far left hand corner in the garage, surrounded by the other 38 boxes. don't worry about it though - those hungry northern rodents will find it and thank you for it in the spring with new cute little babies. I'll send you some traps after the winter is over.

dclouser said...

Glad to hear that you're settling in! Swagbucks didn't seem to work for me here. Maybe because we're overseas or because our internet is too slow? At any rate, I gave up on it! Post some pix soon of your new place, OK?

Linda said...

This is so exciting! To go from the south to Connecticut! I've wanted to visit there, as I hear it is beautiful. May you be abundantly blessed on this new adventure.
Arby is right; I would think the northeast is so full of field trips, your plate will be full with American history with little time for paper and books. Enjoy!
Oh, I'm doing Swagbucks too. I'm not thrilled with their search engine, but I look forward to getting 'something'.