Saturday, February 27, 2010

What happened to my baby girl?

Just yesterday, she was this sweet, precious, perfect bundle in our arms
offering her first smiles,
delighting us with her first words,
taking her first steps.

Now she is a sweet, precious, perfect young lady
who offers her contagious smiles to everyone,
whose words are confident, kind, and wise.
And tonight her steps, clad in my size 9 knee-high, high heeled boots,
accompanied her daddy to the American Heritage Girls
Daddy/Daughter Dance.

Mexican Fiesta!

Doing the Macarena

Conga line


SmallWorld at Home said...

I've been asking myself the same question! I have spent an hour or so looking through old photos for my son's senior did it all happen so fast yet seem so slow as I was going through it all?

Love the F/D dance photos. We had ours over Valentine's Day.

Arby said...

Is this what my future holds for me? It looks like both father and daughter enjoyed themselves!

dclouser said...

So were you there taking the photos, Kathleen? Alex looks beautiful!

CrossView said...

STOP IT! *sniff*

The boots and dress look perfect on her. I'm so glad you had the right shoes for the dress... LOL!

She has such a beautiful face, she looks sweet and fun and confident - with a bit of imp on the side.

Teacher Mommy said...

The sneaky little things, growing up on us like that.


Alex said...

it was fun! the shoes were tight!

tsinclair said...

awww...I wish I had a little girl

Amy @ Cheeky Cocoa Beans said...

She is adorable!